Beyond Internet, Beyond Boundaries: Ucom

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Chances are if you’ve roamed around Yerevan, you were bound to connect to the internet with the help from the fastest fixed and mobile services provider in Armenia, Ucom. Ucom prides itself on being the absolute leader in the IPTV and fixed internet market in Armenia with over 600,000 customers! Considered as one of the top brands among Armenian consumers, Ucom had earned the Speedtest by Ookla award of “The Fastest Mobile Internet in Armenia 2017.” Ucom keeps pushing the limits and goes beyond keeping up with international standards with upgraded LTE Advanced (4G+) and fiber-optic (FO) networks. 

The company understands the role it has to play as a forerunner in technology and innovation. That is why they strive to make a positive impact. They create new income opportunities while developing innovative and differentiated digital solutions. These projects include the mobile TV application uMediaroom, the virtual wallet uPay, uKid smartwatch for kids, the uDoctor telehealth application, uCloud, uFleet and uDrive solutions and many more! It is not an easy task to keep up in such a fast-paced and driven market. This is especially true now that traditional voice and SMS services are experiencing a sharp decline. Ucom needs to be able to think on its feet and quickly revisit their business priorities and approaches. 

By checking in with the demands of their consumers, Ucom works to stay one step ahead and create services that will cater to customer needs. Customers are demanding and their expectations need to be met, after all. The best way to do this, according to Ucom, is to involve customers and cooperate closely with them. This way, they are able to understand the requirements of next-generation products and services. Ucom also strives to provide local consumers with the latest models of smartphones from well-reputed international brands. Visit their service centers and you will find an exclusive chance to get your hands on those smartphones yourself! 

All of this is part of their overarching mission to connect people. They do this by developing innovative and high-end telecom solutions for consumers. It isn’t only about the sales, however. Ucom has a strong sense of corporate responsibility. As such, their mission includes a point about changing society and the environment. They do this through their breakthroughs in innovation and technology. Their brand pushes to become a partner that people can trust. It is part of their aim to touch the lives of the individuals they help through their solutions. 

Of course, being the number one choice of telecom carriers in the Armenian market is a huge part of their vision. Ucom does what it takes to get recognized as a leader in technology and innovation solutions. They have their eyes on the future of technologies and focus on building and providing digital services with new and revolutionary solutions. Ucom is also working on creating effective regional partnerships to make Armenia a regional communications hub. This includes applying corporate venture capital models for startups and entrepreneurs. The idea is to create opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Innovation and education are intertwined. That's why Ucom is constantly making contributions to the education of future specialists in the field. Ucom also supports startups with innovative ideas. They want to create a platform where specialists will be able to realize their innovative projects by making use of a working and teaching environment that encourages cooperation and collaboration. Learn more about Ucom by visiting their website at!

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