Rise of the machines: Infosys founder Narayana Murthy addressing AI and Big Data at WCIT2019

11 October 2019

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Yerevan – The World Congress on Information Technology 2019 (WCIT 2019) has recently witnessed the keynote presented by

Narayana Murthy, assigned to the Rise of the Machines panel, on Monday, October 7th, in Yerevan, Armenia. Narayana Murthy has just given an outstanding keynote speech on the topic of the Rise of the Machines at the WCIT 2019. Mr. Murphy is the founder of Infosys, a global company that is founded based on software services in 1981. His keynote speech touched upon the topic of the panel, supported by additional evidence from his work experience.

Mr. Murphy talked about the big data, AI, and machine learning that offer an insight into the world of efficient advancements, automated labors, and robotics.
"Although these offer a promising future for whole generations to come, the widespread deployment of such technologies would threaten job ecosystems and distort judgmental and decision-making factors in human nature, Mr. Murphy mentions. Being the founder and the leader of one of the technologically advanced corporations in the world, Mr. Murphy has also said that the innovation in such a sector would boost productivity, although, could impose dangers on the physical infrastructure of the company.

In his speech, Mr. Murphy has also brought up the issue of the rise of the machines on other diverse sectors in the industry and is hopeful that the growth and development of the machines can be strictly monitored so that there will only be minor issues from the changes to come.

Watch the whole "Rise of the Machines" panel here.


WCIT 2019 was held in Yerevan on October 6-9, 2019. The Congress is hosted by Armenia with the support and under the high patronage of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) was established by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA). Its main organizing body is the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE).

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