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The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) is the largest and the most reputable international event among worldwide IT leaders.

It brings together high-level officials from different countries, heads of multinational organizations, universities and scientific research centers, non-governmental organizations’ representatives and many more.

The event includes discussions of legal, political and economic trends affecting IT business processes, presentations of innovative solutions, B2B meetings and so on.

The WCIT has been held since 1978. Previous hosting countries were Canada, the Netherlands, Malaysia, USA, Greece, Australia, China, Spain, Japan, England, France, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil. Hosting countries for this and upcoming years are the following:

wcit 2019

Armenia has been approved as the hosting country for WCIT 2019 during the meeting of the WITSA’s board of directors at WCIT 2014 Mexico.

It is expected 2000-2500 delegates from more than 80 countries of the world. WCIT 2019 will be the first Congress being held in Europe since 2010.

On March 09, 2015 an official agreement was signed in the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia about the organization of WCIT 2019. It was signed by Karen Vardanyan - the Executive Director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, Hayk Chobanyan - the director of UITE Expo Company, and Jim Poisant – the Secretary General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA).

As of mid 2017 the Union of Information Technology Enterprises has achieved another organizational milestone by developing event branding concept


Welcome to the official website of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2019.

It is a great honor for us to host the most reputable Congress of Information Technology in 2019 in Armenia, which has been organized by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) since 1978.

Today information technologies are among essential driving forces for our everyday life, which lead to the development and innovation in almost every field of economy and scince. As a result, information technologies have become one of the vital factors in the process of human evolution.

IT leading companies play a huge role in that process of development and innovation and I'm sure that the IT World Congress being held in Armenia will be an alert for those processes.

Armenia has all the potential to become a global leading IT center. The Government of RA put all the efforts to fulfill that potential and position Armenia as a center of innovative solutions.

I hope that the Congress will become an effective platform for all the participants to initiate new partnership programs. As for Armenia, it will boost unique innovative ideas and will attract new investment projects. I wish all of us an effective Congress.



The Sports and Concert Complex after K. Demirchyan was opened in 1984 in Yerevan (map). Stairs along a cascade of fountains lead visitors to the Complex, reminiscent of the silhouette of a huge bird with open wings. The complex consists of two main halls; the Concerts hall and the Sports hall, in addition to the large foyer, Hayastan conference hall and Argishti hall designated for diplomatic meetings, exhibitions and other events.  Its architectural concepts include a turning tribune of 1,008 seats, that can rapidly connect the two big halls to reveal additional seating, a concept for which the architects were awarded the USSR State Prize, the highest of its kind, in 1987.

why armenia

Armenia: The Land of Surprising IT Engineering

detailed presentation here

Armenia is probably the biggest innovation powerhouse you have never heard of. That is why so many people are surprised by the results they achieve when they work with Armenians and Armenian companies. Being located on Europe's far eastern borderline and the far western end of the old Silk Road, Armenia for millennia has been at the crossroads of cultural trends, intellectual thought, groundbreaking research, and incredible inventions.

Armenia and Armenians have been a hub for developing some of the most cutting-edge inventions and creative solutions for over 6000 years. Generally, the world has had no clue that Armenians were behind such radical breakthroughs. Technologies like the MRI, the ATM, the color TV, the automatic transmission, and much more have been invented by Armenians.


An agreement with India will be signed within WCIT 2018

February 14, 2018

These days, the representatives of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) will visit India to participate at the World Congress on Information Technologies (WCIT 2018). To remind, the World Congress on Information Technologies 2019, the largest event on IT, will be held in Armenia, and the WCIT2018 event becomes more important in terms of preparations.

Karen Vardanyan, the UITE Executive director, mentions that the Union becomes a member of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), and will participate at the most important event on IT.

“The main goal of the Armenian delegation is to directly work with other countries’ delegates and invite them to Armenia. We must also work with the sponsors of WCIT, the main speakers who become expertise in different sectors (education, management, technology, security, and others). We must invite them to Armenia to participate at the World Congress on Information Technologies 2019”,- Karen Vardanyan stresses.

The Executive director of UITE informed, that within the frames of the WCIT2018 the Union will also sign an agreement regarding to which the Armenian “Armath” engineering laboratories establishment project will be implemented in the schools of India. About 300 laboratories will be established in Indian schools during the first stage of the pilot Project, which is more than those now operating in Armenia.

It is worth to mention that UITE has designed and started to implement the “Armath” engineering laboratories establishment in Armenian schools” project for some years. The aim of the Project is to foster the technical skills of the schoolchildren, to promote their professional orientation, to train professional workers with technical education that will meet the growing demand. The project is quite effective; it provides new quality technical education at schools. Surveys showed that 84% of the “Armath” graduates have been admitted to the universities, 82% of which - in natural sciences, IT and technical specialties.

The representatives of India got acquainted with the “Armath” engineering laboratories in Armenia and intended to invest the Project in their country.


President and Secretary General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance are in Armenia

June 08, 2017

“DigiTec Business Forum is an effective platform where representatives of the IT sector, of other branches of business and the government meet and create the main bases of cooperation for business promotion. At the same time during this forum the IT companies will represent their potential and solutions”, the UITE president Alexandr Yesayan has mentioned about this at the meeting with journalists today. Mrs. Liana Korkotyan, the country manager of Microsoft Armenia, the Business Partner of the Forum this year, has mentioned that the forum itself represents a unique opportunity for business managers to learn about technology solutions that can help increase their business competitiveness and decrease costs. During the forum Microsoft will present its cloud-based solutions, particularly the Office 365 suite, that offer small and medium businesses more flexible and affordable services. As we have already informed besides the main thematic discussions of the ICT sector the 10th DigiTec Business Forum will also have presentations dedicated to the start of the preparation of the organizational work towards the implementation of the World Congress on Information Technologies being organized by the WITSA in Yerevan, in 2019. The branding concept jointly developed by Maeutica branding Agency and the UITE will be represented at the Forum. Yvonne Chiu, the Chairman of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance, who has specially arrived in Armenia on this occasion, has announced: “The World Congress on Information Technologies this year will be held in Taiwan, then in India in 2018, and in Armenia it will be held on October 6-9, 2019”. James Poisant, the Secretary General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance, has congratulated the attendees on the opportunity to hold the World Congress in Armenia. Karen Vardanyan, the Executive director of the UITE, has added that within the framework of the meeting held with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Karen Karapetyan the day before, the Prime Minister mentioned that the Government of the Republic of Armenia would invest all efforts to organize the World Congress on Information Technologies on a high level. In addition, during the meeting it has been mentioned that a research on IT developments being carried out in Asian countries, will be a basis for proper organization of the Congress. The WITSA representatives have told that the results of the research would be represented to the Government of the Republic of Armenia. It should not be left unmentioned that the WCIT has been held by the WITSA since 1978. High-ranking officials of the public and the IT sectors, heads of supranational organizations, universities and scientific research centers, representatives of social institutions participate at the World Congress. The UITE applied for participation within the framework of the WCIT 2014 held in Mexico in 2014 and has been awarded the right to hold the World Congress on Information Technologies in Armenia in 2019. In 2015 a relevant agreement has been jointly signed with the Government of the Republic of Armenia. More than 2000 representatives of the leading international companies will arrive in Armenia within the framework of the Congress being held in 2019. It should be noted that the DigiTec Business Forum has been held by the UITE since 2008 under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of RA. The Microsoft Armenia is the partner of the Business Forum 2017. The agenda of DigiTec business forum and additional information are presented on official website.


The WCIT2019 official website has been launched, and the official video has been presented

June 07, 2017

The 10th jubilee digitec Business Forum has launched on 9th of June, 2017. Alexander Yesayan, the President of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises which is the organizer of the event, delivered the opening remarks. Vahan Martirosyan, the Minister of the transportation, communication and information technologies welcomed the guests of the event and presented the welcome speech of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. The Prime Minister particularly remarks: “The role of the DigiTec Business Forum being organizes since 2008 is exceedingly high. Its become a perfect platform for IT companies to participate in the development of Armenia’s economy. This year we again hope to find “Smart solutions for smart businesses” at the event”. The Prime Minister also highlighted the launch of the World Congress on Information Technologies in Armenia and mentioned that WCIT2019 is a great success for Armenia in terms of promoting the country’s branding and positioning Armenia on the technological global map. Mrs. Yvonne Chiu, the Chairman of the world Information Technologies and Services Alliance (WITSA) and Mr. James Poisant WITSA’s Secretary General have also delivered their opening remarks. Other officials as well as IT and other sectors’ representatives have also participated at the event. The first topic of the Forum’s Agenda was the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2019 organizational work official start. Haykuhi Taksildaryan, the founder of the Maeutica Branding Agency, represented the WCIT2019 branding. The official website as well as WCIT2019 video clip has been presented. The WCIT2019 will be held in Yerevan, on October 6-9 under the slogan “Rethinking the Center”. The slogan of the event is based on 4 key topics: education, decentralization, sense of humanity and the world as a center for IT development. And based on this purpose the UITE plans to develop engineering education opportunities for Armenian schoolchildren and establish Armath engineering laboratories in each school of Armenia. The other topics of the Forum are as follows:

  • IT solutions for promoting Tourism in Armenia
  • SMEs efficiency increase through IT solutions
  • The technological sector and RA Military forces cooperation issues and formats
  • National standard development on Cyber security
  • HayMap: All Armenians Talent Pool
  • Renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies for business
  • Development of State Electronic Systems in Armenia
  • Development of artificial intelligence in Armenia and its implementation in business

Additionally, the DigiTec Business Forum held under the slogan “Smart solutions for smart businesses” is the only B2B platform event being held in Armenia. Its an efficient dialogue platform for the IT sector, other sectors of economy and the Government of RA. The goal of the event is to support the implementation of the information and communication technologies in other sectors of the economy. The annual DigiTec Business Forum has been organizes by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises since 2008 under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of RA. The Microsoft Armenia has become the partner of the event. The agenda and additional information about the Forum is represented in the official website To remind, the World Congress on Information Technologies (WCIT) has been organizes by WITSA since 1978. WITSA represents the 90% of the global ICT industry. The UITE has become a member of WITSA since 2004. Going back to 2014, the Union has applied to host the WCIT in Armenia and was honored the right to host the WCIT 2019 in Yerevan. In 2015 the appropriate Agreement has been signed with the Government of Armenia. The high level officials and authorities, representatives of multinational companies, universities and research and development centers, non-governmental structures participate at WCIT. About 2000 guests are expecting to participate at WCIT2019.


WCIT 2019 Sponsorship Program

Pinnacle Diamond Platinum Titanium Gold Silver Bronze
 $ 300,000.00  $ 200,000.00  $ 100,000.00  $ 75,000.00  $ 50,000.00  $ 25,000.00  $ 10,000.00
Exhibit space (must be decorated by sponsor. WCIT will put the sponsor in touch with logistic team.) 80 m2
(861.1 ft2)
60 m2
(645.8 ft2)
40 m2
(430.5 ft2)
36 m2
(387.5 ft2)
24 m2
(258.3 ft2)
16 m2
(172.2 ft2)
8 m2
(86.1 ft2)
Representation in sessions (choose one)
Keynote address
Breakout session presence
Meeting room to organize B2B meetings
Opportunity to organize a special event
 (not conflicting with Congress program)
Full congress passes 70 50 30 20 15 10 5
  (All sponsors logos will be positioned by category and size)
Acknowledgement in congress press releases
Presence at kick-off press conference
Logo in the press kit
Official press release included in congress releases 3 2 1 1
Interview with media (WCIT 2019 will request media attendance and provide time and space)
Private meetings with your choice of speakers (if approved by speakers) 3 2 1
Private meetings with ministers and government officers (if approved by officials) 2 1
Logo on official materials
Logo on preliminary program
Advertisement in the congress program guide
Profile in the congress program guide (words) 600 400 250 200 150 100 50
Logo on delegate's bag
Advertisement in DigiTec Expo catalog 2 pages colored advertisement 1 page colored advertisement 1 page black white advertisement 1 page company profile (max 300 words)
Insert give-away in delegate's bag
Priority acknowledgment
Insertion of logo
Inclusion of newsworthy items (should be approved by organizing committee) 7 5 3
Profile on WCIT 2019 official website (words) 600 400 250 200 150 100 50
Link to sponsor's web site in WCIT 2019 official website's sponsors' section
Logo on WCIT 2019 official website's program section
Logo with the link on WCIT 2019 official website's home page
IN-CONGRESS ADVERTISING (All sponsors logos will be positioned by category and size)
Signage inside and outside of meeting rooms
Signage in the press room
Signage in registration area
Verbal recognition at special ceremonies, opening and closing ceremony
Logo on screen
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram posts on WCIT 2019 official pages (using companies hashtags) 20 15 10 5
Sponsor logo on the event banner in the Yerevan airport arrivals hall (need to be finalized with Zvartnots Airport)

The organizers of WCIT 2019 is the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) and the (Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE)).

WITSA was founded in 1978, and has since become the leading organization of the global ICT sector. The mission of the Alliance is to promote and facilitate the global growth of ICT sector through the public policy development and the interest protection, promoting global trade and investments, organizing global forums and exchange of experience.

UITE was established in 2000 as a business association of ICT enterprises operating in Armenia. It aims to protect ICT sector economic interests, to promote ICT business needs and to contribute in the development of R&D in ICT sector. The number of member organizations is growing rapidly and in May, 2017 it reached 80. The members are local and international organizations operating in Armenia. UITE implements a variety of projects, which mainly tends toward the development and growth of IT sector in Armenia. One of the main activities of the union is the advocacy of IT sector and particularly its members (including issues like education, custom and tax legislation and administration, workforce development and others).


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