Yerevan has a bustling nightlife scene, with a wide range of bars, pubs, and clubs to choose from. It is a city that knows how to have fun, with parties that can last until the sun rises.

Malkhas Jazz Club

For Armenians, jazz is a state of mind, a lifestyle.

Malkhas Jazz Club is named after its owner, Maestro Levon Malkhasyan. It consistently delivers high quality live jazz music along with good food and drinks.

Club 12

A place where local Armenian friends get together to have a good time and befriend new, wonderful people. Expect great live music, unique cuisine, and engaging conversation.

Simona Bar

Though located in the city center, Simona is comfortably tucked away from the noise and bustle. Visiting this place is like being at the house of an old friend. With its unique, vintage interior, it offers delicious cocktails (said to be some of the best in town!), friendly service, lovely music and a great atmosphere.